Big Brother 17 Episode 17 Recap: The Game Restarts

On Wednesday, Jason Roy got the blindside of the season. He found out his Big Brother 17 game was in jeopardy. Vanessa Rousso decided to put him up as a replacement nominee, instead of Austin Matelson on Big Brother 2015.

BB17: Jason Roy, Shelli Poole, Clay Honeycutt

This completely took him and his Goblin alliance members by surprise. Tonight either Jason or Becky Burgess left the Big Brother 17 house. Read our Big Brother 17 recap below to find out who got evicted tonight.

Trial by Error

Meg Maley, James Huling, Jason, and Jackie Ibarra struggle to make sense of what happened. They sulk about their blindside. Jason notices that Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole do not really seem bothered by it. Later, Meg asks Clay if he knew this was going to happen: he denies it.

In the Head of Household room, Meg questions Vanessa about her decision to target Jason. She confirms that this was a group decision, implying that Shelli and Clay knew too. Jackie also asks Vanessa about it. Once again, Vanessa says it was a group decision.

BB17: Vanessa as HOH

Jackie then turns to Shelli to ask for confirmation. Shelli panics about it. Later, Vanessa pulls Shelli and Clay into a room to talk about them not admitting they knew the plan. She thinks they should take some responsibility for it.

Much later, Jason makes his last round of efforts to stay in the house. He specifically appeals to Clay and Shelli.

Dr. McGuire

There is a segment on John “Johnny Mac” McGuire‘s hometown and family. We see his coworkers and patients talking about how the Johnny Mac in the house, isn’t the same one outside of it. He behaves really professionally at work. Johnny’s brother mentions that Johnny really knows the game, but is playing dumb. He says his strategy is to gain allies, and then stab them in the back.

Live Vote and Eviction

BB17: Jason with Julie Chen

Everyone but Meg and James vote to evict Jason. Jason is evicted by a 7-2 vote. During his exit interview, he admits gossiping about the twins might have been his downfall. He also says that Shelli and Clay betrayed him the most.

He says that Shelli has no soul. Host Julie Chen confirms that there is a six person alliance called the Sixth Sense. Jason said he knew it. She asks him if Jackie, Meg, and James can comeback from losing him.

He says that they can, they just need to win stuff and rebuild relationships. During the goodbye messages, everyone keeps it pretty standard. Liz Nolan, however, decides to throw a nasty remark to Jason about going back to his parents’ basement.

The Twin Twist Activated:

BB17: Twin Twist

Julie reveals to Julia Nolan that Liz won Battle of the Block, so she can enter the game. Julie gathers the Big Brother 17 houseguests to the living room. Then Julia enters the house. The houseguests clap with fake enthusiasm. She hugs them all.

Julie then announces that because Julia has entered the game, it resets. The Battle of the Block competitions are over. There will only be one Head of Household each week now. She then tells them that this is an endurance competition.

Everyone heads to the backyard.

BB17: On the Edge Endurance comp

On the Edge: Houseguests must stay on a wall, that continues to move back and forth. They will also get things thrown at them as it continues, like rain and birds. You have to wait until Sunday’s episode to see who won, or you can subscribe to the live feeds to watch it unfold live.

Additionally, you can check back here in a few hours to read our report on who won it.

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