Big Brother 17: Reasons Why the Twin Twist Failed

Tonight Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan entered the game. This will be the first time that they get to play separately in Big Brother 2015. This is the second time in Big Brother history that CBS has done the twin twist. In Big Brother 5, Adria Montgomery-Klein and Natalie Montgomery-Carroll played as one. Then after five evictions, played separately.

BB17: Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan

They managed to go undetected for five weeks. Liz and Julia were not so lucky. Da’Vonne Rogers caught on to the twist in week one. She told everyone about it in week two. Then Jason Roy spread the secret throughout the Big Brother 17 house.

Once their secret was revealed, Julia decided to confess the truth to Vanessa Rousso. The Sixth Sense alliance soon formed. There are several reasons why this twist failed so quickly.

The first reason is that it happened before on Big Brother. Additionally, the reality series is known for their twists, which means the houseguests are constantly on edge about what will be the next one. This season, Big Brother made sure to create even more paranoia by saying that there would be a new Takeover Twist every week.

Big Brother superfans, like Da’Vonne and Jason, are very familiar with Big Brother

Big Brother 17: Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan

Julia and Liz only got a short amount of time to exchange information. However, they did not try too hard to adapt to each other’s personalities. Liz and Julia have very different personalities, and it became quite noticeable to the other Big Brother 17 houseguests.

The third reason it failed is that Liz and Julia look alike but not exactly. They have big distinctive differences, including their voices. These physical differences were too hard to cover up, even Big Brother 17 fans noticed them, and that was just from pictures.

So the odds of this twist going undetected were very low. The twin twist did succeed in that they both survived to week 6 in the Big Brother house. From a game perspective, we are quite annoyed that the Big Brother houseguests let them make it this far, especially because they caught on to it.

From an entertainment perspective, we’re quite excited to see it play out. As stated, Julia and Liz are very different. So the game could shift just based on who they decide to truly align with now that they are together.

Julia will also stop the nomance showmance between Austin Matelson and Liz. The game will definitely shift with both of them in the house. Their personalities should also change a bit more because of it too.

Natalie and Adria completely changed when they were together. We do not predict them completely changing once together, but definitely enough to make the game a lot more entertaining.

The twin twist, at least for a few weeks, should breathe some new life into the Big Brother 17 house. We’re excited to see it all unfold tonight.

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