Brendon and Rachel’s (Mock) Wedding Happens Tonight!

Yes, this really is happening.  Yesterday we reported on the bachelor party for Brendon and Rachel, and tonight it looks like tonight will be the actual (mock) wedding.  Only pure boredom in the house could produce such an event, but I guess we could look at it like it’s better than them sitting around doing nothing at all or sleeping.

Quite a bit of effort has gone into this mock wedding as outfits have been worked on for days, and it seems like all the remaining houseguests have a role (Lawon will be officiating the wedding of course.)  They’re all getting dressed up and have the backyard all set up, so this should be quite the spectacle if nothing else. 

The “wedding” for Brendon and Rachel is going down in just a few minutes, so if you want to watch it live and laugh (or maybe throw up) turn on the live feeds now.

  • itsmefaith

    It was hilarious!! Rachel forgot and laughed her way through her vows, and Brendon said ABC instead of CBS! Hahahaha they messed up really bad but it was cute :)