Big Brother 17: MVP of Week 5-The Evolution of Jackie’s Game

Four weeks ago, the Big Brother 17 fans loved to poke fun of Jackie Ibarra‘s game. They did the whole “who’s Jackie?” skit. They even compared her game to Big Brother 16’s Victoria Rafaeli. Even Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen tried to claim Jackie had no game.

Big Brother 17: Jackie Ibarra and Steve Moses

Prior to Jeff Weldon‘s eviction, Jackie laid back and socialize. She let Jeff to do all the work for their, not-so, secret alliance. His eviction seemed to light a fire under her belt.

In the last two weeks, Jackie has become one of the stronger players in Big Brother 2015. She has shown herself to be a loyal player, decent competitor, and willing to make huge power moves.

This week we really saw Jackie’s potential. She won Head of Household and quickly aimed for a big target, with her campaign to evict Austin Matelson. Her plan eventually failed. However, Jackie still showed a lot of strength. She formed an even closer bond with Jason Roy, James Huling, and Meg Maley.

Big Brother 17: Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon

They started to put the pieces together of where the real Big Brother 17 power lied. She also secretly declared war on Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt. Jackie also tried to help Jason save himself from eviction.

Becky Burgess and Jackie have become pretty good friends in the Big Brother 2015 house. So it seemed obvious that Jackie would vote to keep her in the Big Brother 17 house. Jackie may change her mind, but a few days ago, Jackie promised Jason her vote. She saw Jason as more valuable to her Big Brother game.

With Jason’s impending eviction, Jackie will probably step up and become the new leader of the unofficially named Goblin alliance.

Big Brother: Jackie Ibarra

Jackie’s game longevity probably greatly depends on if she can win this week’s Head of Household competition. There is a good chance she can pull it off. Unlike many other Big Brother 17 players, Jackie has also said she is not playing this game just to make it to jury. She is playing it to win. Now that’s a spirit we can endorse.

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