Big Brother 17 Prediction: Who Will Be Evicted Week 5?

Tonight is a major night in the Big Brother 17 house. First, we have the twin twist finally playing out on CBS. Then Big Brother crowns two new Heads of Household. But most importantly someone is evicted on tonight’s Big Brother 2015.

BB17: Becky Burgess, Jason Roy

Head of Household Vanessa Rousso threw the houseguests, and audience, for a loop when she decided to target Jason Roy instead of Austin Matelson. Vanessa promised half the Big Brother 2015 house that Austin would get backdoored. In the final hours leading up to the Power of Veto ceremony, she changed her mind.

Becky Burgess volunteered to go on the block to secure Vanessa and Jackie Ibarra‘s backdoor plan. She thought Clay Honeycutt and her would for sure win Battle of the Block. Unfortunately, things did not play out that way. Clay managed to save himself with the Power of Veto, but Becky was left to sweat it out on the block.

Due to Clay saving himself, Vanessa needed to name a replacement nominee. She named Jason as it. Last night, he made a final plea to power couple Shelli Poole and Clay. Unfortunately, they did not seem too receptive to his claims and offers.

BB17: Becky

Once Jason left the room after making his plea, they also agreed to stick to the original plan and vote him out. Becky has also been doing her own Big Brother campaigning.

She secured her loyalty with Shelli and Clay by reporting the activities and discussions going on on the other side of the Big Brother 17 house. So both Becky and Jason have put some strong efforts into saving themselves this week.

Unfortunately, it seems hopeless for Jason. Vanessa, Austin, Liz Nolan, Clay, and Shelli knows that Jason controls the other half of the house. This makes him a big threat. Becky only seems to have a true alliance with John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, so this makes her less of a Big Brother threat.

BB17: Goblins

However, personally, we believe Becky could become more of a threat towards the end of the game. She seems easy to manipulate now but Becky seems like the type of player who finds her course later in the game.

But Shelli and Clay’s belief in their manipulative skills will not let them sway and save Jason.

We predict Jason being voted out tonight by a 6-3 vote.

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