BB13 Update: Brendon Evicted, Kalia New HOH

There are a LOT of happy Big Brother fans this week, as the second “Brenchel era” has come to and end (at least for now)  as Brendon has been evicted.  This is a major shake up in the house as Rachel is now a loose cannon without “her man” to hold her back.  I say “at least for now” because the next big twist was revealed and it will definitely impact the house in a major way.  Next week, one of the first four evicted houseguests will be voted on by America to have the chance to play against next week’s evicted houseguest to come back into the house. 

Kalia won the HOH competition, which was the first time a newbie has won HOH this season.  With Kalia as HOH, Daniele is definitely safe but the rest of the house is uncertain.  The houseguests do know that the next evicted houseguest will have a chance to come back in, but they weren’t told how exactly things will work as far as a former houseguest possibly coming back as well.

So with this twist, there is a SLIGHT chance that Brendon could be voted back in the house, but hopefully not.  Keith coming back would be odd since we never knew where he stood or what he could do, Cassi would obviously align with Shelly and maybe shake both sides up a bit, and Dominic would no doubt align with Daniele which would give her a ton of power in the house. 

Things are getting interesting, and with Rachel unleashed, this should be an interesting week leading up to the next eviction/an evicted houseguest returning to the house.  Be sure to vote on for who you would want to see return to the house between Keith, Cassi, Dominic, or Brendon.