Week 5 POV Spoilers – Big Shake Up on the Way

**Warning – spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised**

Last week we finally saw someone from the newbie side win HOH, which pretty much meant that we would probably see Brendon then Rachel evicted back to back.  As seen on last night’s CBS show, Kalia put Rachel and Jeff on the block.  The move obviously pissed off Jeff and Jordan, with Jeff promising to win POV and take himself off the block and then come after Kalia. 

We can report that Jeff did what he said, and won the POV.  Now the smart move for Kalia to make would have been to put Jordan up to ensure Rachel goes home, but Kalia is staying with this “I won’t put Jordan up” thing.  There has been a LOT of deliberation on who to put up in Jeff’s place, because the house seems to believe whoever goes out is 100% coming back in.  This has been really ridiculous because Julie didn’t even give them the details of the twist.

Last night Kalia’s plan was to put up Porsche in Jeff’s place, then tell Rachel she would be keeping her but then blame the rest of the house when she went home, in case Rachel came back in to the house right away.  Well after all that drama, somehow Kalia has put up Lawon, who actually volunteered to go up AND be evicted…….yes, you read that right…..these people are so convinced that whoever is going out will come right back that Lawon actually volunteered to be EVICTED.

If Lawon ends up going, he will indeed make history as making one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history.  All hell could break loose this Thursday depending on who goes and who comes back.  A major shake up is on the way and all out war could be had over the way things go on this Thursday’s live eviction.

  • Anonymous

    America are you really that stupid to vote to put Brenden back in the house so we have to listen to him and Rachel suck face and boo hoo the rest if the season? I don’t care if I never watch this show again. Every season it the same thing 2 people may as well be the only ones playing cause they win everything and for some unknown reason America loves them.