Big Brother 2015 Episode 16 Recap: The Blindside

At the beginning of this Big Brother 17 week, Heads of Household Vanessa Rousso and Jackie Ibarra agreed to take out Austin Matelson. However, a major decision shift, shown on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 completely changed the game.

BB17: Austin Matelson-Judas

Austin’s infatuation with Liz Nolan has put his Sixth Sense alliance in jeopardy. Therefore, the best move for their game seemed to be to get rid of him. Vanessa and Jackie decided to nominate four pawns: Liz, James Huling, Becky Burgess, and Clay Honeycutt.

The plan was to keep Jackie in power, and protect Clay and Becky. The Battle of the Block did not go as planned.

After the Battle of the Block everyone scrambles. Liz tells Austin that she thinks James was trying to throw the competition. He doesn’t seem happy about their win. Austin talks to Vanessa about Liz’s claim. She reassures him that nothing secretive is happening.


Much later, Austin’s feelings continue to grow for Liz. Liz, however, is not that into him. He sneaks in a kiss.

Manic Squirrels

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Liz, and Shelli Poole are picked to play in the Power of Veto competition, alongside Head of Household Vanessa, and nominees Clay and Becky.

Crazy Squirrels: For this week’s Power of Veto Competition, Big Brother 17 houseguests must roll a nut shaped ball from one side to the other. They must keep the ball off the ground. If it drops, their roll count resets. They need to get a total of 250 complete rolls to win the POV.


Almost everyone, but Clay, fails at this competition. He is way ahead in it. His only competition is Becky and Johnny Mac. Becky suddenly drops her nut, which resets her counter. She feels defeated.

Clay takes a mini break, but then starts up again. He wins the Power of Veto. Becky breaks down after losing another competition.

After it, Vanessa and Shelli pull Liz to the Head of Household room. They tell her about Austin’s betrayal, and what he said about targeting Julia Nolan.

She defends him. Liz also mentions how it will cost them a number. Next, Vanessa tells Austin that he’s the target for the week. He pleads for his safety. She is firmly set on her decision. However, she sends him to talk to Clay and Shelli about keeping him.


Shelli and Clay express their concerns to Austin, but they realize that losing him could cost them an important number. They work to convince Vanessa to keep him. They discuss taking out Jason Roy because he is the glue that holds the other side together.


At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Vanessa puts up Jason, instead of Austin. This completely emotionally destroys Meg Maley, James, and Jackie. Tomorrow either Becky or Jason will be evicted from the Big Brother 17 house.

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