Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: The Goblins Try to Save Jason

Like every good Big Brother 2015 player, Jason Roy refuses to sit back and let his game die. Yesterday, Jason sat back and sulked over the blindside. When Big Brother 17 announced that the houseguests needed a 24-hour lockdown, his mine started spinning.

BB17: Meg Maley and Jason Roy

Jason wanted to convince the other Big Brother 17 players that an endurance competition would play out this week. He wanted to tell this to Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt, specifically. On the first and second nights of Big Brother 2015, Jason, James Huling, and Jackie Ibarra all performed really well in an endurance competition.

All three of those players are on the other side of the Big Brother house (part of the Goblins’ alliance). So Jason wanted to convince them that it was a better decision to not evict him to have that side keep them safe. Jason also wanted to create paranoia. He told Meg Maley to tell Shelli and Clay that Becky Burgess would target them during a double eviction.

BB17: Jackie Ibarra, James Huling, Jason Roy

Earlier that night, Shelli and Clay were talking about the need to separate John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Becky. They agreed that John needs to go first. However, now could be the perfect opportunity to strike at that pair.

If Meg and Jason play this all out right, they could save him this week.

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