Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 5? (POLL)

Throughout Big Brother 17, houseguests have fought hard to stay in the game. They have all failed. Only Jeff Weldon came semi-close to flipping the votes, with a 4-7 eviction. But in Big Brother 2015 anything can happen, so Jason Roy‘s game could be far from over.

BB17: Jason Roy

Becky Burgess seems like a safe bet to stay on Thursday. However, Jason has two votes guaranteed, maybe even three. Becky has a guaranteed one vote. The rest of the Sixth Sense alliance should not vote Becky out, but their once tight alliance grows less steady daily.

We are pretty confident that Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt will vote to evict Jason. However, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Steve Moses, and Austin Matelson have shown sketchiness when it comes to voting. Austin clearly hates Jason right now. However, past Big Brother players who have declared hate for another player have still formed an alliance with them, or kept them safe.

If Jason plays his cards right, he could get Austin on his side, and possibly Julia and Liz. Julia won’t be entering the house officially until Thursday. So she won’t have a vote. However, Liz has already shown herself to be more of a free thinker than the other Sixth Sense.


Jason just needs to give her a better deal than whatever the Sixth Sense can provide, and he has her vote. There is basically a zero percent chance Jason can convince Steve to vote to save him. Yet Steve could give another hanky vote to throw people off.

If Steve does this, without knowing the house flipped, it could secure Jason’s safety.

Additionally, in the long run, Becky is a more dangerous player to keep around. She does not know the game, but socially she’s in a great spot. She also more athletic than many of the other Big Brother 17 houseguests.

There probably won’t be many other opportunities to get Becky out. Now might be the perfect chance to strike.

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