Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: The Sixth Sense Alliance Exposed

After the Big Brother 2015 Power of Veto Ceremony, all hell broke loose. The divide became clear to the Big Brother 17 houseguests. Any sense of safety vanished. Now a few Big Brother houseguests struggled to make sense of it all.

Big Brother 17: Meg Maley, James Huling jackie Ibarra

Following the PoV ceremony, Jason Roy‘s closest allies, Jackie Ibarra and Meg Maley, became visibly upset by what transpired. Vanessa Rousso tried to justify her decision to target Jason over Austin Matelson. Not many people accepted her reasoning.

Meg, James and Jackie constantly ranted about the situation in front of Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole. Clay and Shelli claimed that they were just as blindsided by the event as them. Later, Meg spoke to Vanessa in the HoH room.

Vanessa mentioned that multiple people knew about this plan before it happened. In fact, she made it seem like targeting Jason was a group decision. Meg then told Vanessa that this wasn’t the story Shelli and Clay were spinning.

Later, Jackie, James, and Meg discussed how Clay and Shelli were in on the plan the entire time. They started to realize what Audrey Middleton told James could be true.


Prior to her eviction, Audrey tried to expose the Sixth Sense alliance. She told James how Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, and Vanessa were in an alliance. They quickly dismissed this claim, because of Audrey proving herself untrustworthy.

Now that Meg, James, and Jackie have become aware of the division, they plan to try to win
Thursday’s Head of Household competition, and pull more players to their side of the house.

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