Big Brother 13 Double Eviction Tonight!

Just when the Big Brother game was slowing down a bit, things are set to heat back up as the double eviction bomb will be dropped tonight.  The houseguests are thinking that double eviction is 100% next week, little do they know it will go down tonight.

Daniele could be backdoored this week by Jeff, and she is on the block with her closest ally Kalia.  In a turn of events that could save the season, Rachel of all people is considering flipping her vote and keeping Daniele.  Daniele and Rachel had a late night conversation last night and talked about a lot of possibilities.  Rachel brought up that she would want to blame the vote on Adam, and really stir the house up if this happens.

Of course it’s Rachel, so she could change her mind and royally screw up this plan and keep things boring, but who knows how things will end up once double eviction comes into play.  If Daniele stayed by some miracle, there is no telling what kind of hell will break loose in the aftermath tonight, so if you haven’t already be sure you have your Big Brother live feeds ready so you can watch all the action live.

  • mahh

    shelly is a F%^#ing Wrench! Not only is she a horrible person, her child would be shame of her idiotic back stabbing personality. The only reason she is on this show is because she truly can’t make it in the real world. I hope Jordan stays strong and makes sure she lets shelly knows she has lost more then just a friendship but the game as well

  • tammy

    I hope Jordan and Racheal pull out the win,I HATE SHELLY she is a double crossing bitch, that deservesto lose everything that means anything to her, she always brags about her house husband. I hope he leaves her and takes her child, she does’nt deserve her She use’es everyone even her daughter for simphithy,,such a lieing sneaky bitch,Look at what she did to Jordan. I hate the women. if she even is a women, she;s a little manly to me .probly goes both ways..I’m sure she would do whomever to get ahead..hoe she nevergets a chance to come back on show////I DO LOVE THE SHOW,I STAY UP AND WATCH AFTERDARK EVERYNIGHT,THEY’VE BECOME MY FRIENDS,JUST GET RID OF SHELLY ////PLEASE///

  • Anonymous

    People get your emotion in check it’s a game for 500,000.00. If she didn’t make a move there’s no way she would win if Jeff and Jordan was still in the house. The main reason for coming on the show is to win the money. NOT to make friends. Friendships can be repaired; a half a million can’t be found. Nor Jeff, Jordan or Rachel are not willling the share the money with her.

  • Kbaby

    Jeff and Jordan are awesome! I cannot stand Shelly! She has played both sides the whole game and then she brags on and on about how she’s played an honest game. Yeah, she would have had to make a move against J and J to make it to the final two but she should have waited till final 4. Going about it the way she did and crying on and on about how she hasn’t said and done things but really she has is so sick! That is what makes me dislike her so much. She keeps trying to play both sides to the very second Jeff leaves. She is disgusting! I hope everyone figures out how really dishonest she’s been through the WHOLE game! Jeff and Jordan are truly honest and good people. I am also pulling for Rachel, which I never thought I would haha. But SHELLY NEEDS TO GO HOME! She is such a horrible person and I think she could be a man lol. A woman should not be that manly!

  • Anonymous

    Help! I need someone to explain to me what just happened! I just got done watching B.B. What a joke! I feel I just got punked by C.B.S B.B. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I am seeing correctly? Porche is still in the game? What? Why? Is it possible she is in a relationship with the creators of B.B.? because I feel she must be, to get such a free ride like she has. I feel this season could be rigged. First the free keys and so on. Is it possible that she is pregnant and C.B.S found out after they had already started shooting the show? So, they had to accommodate the games to fit her needs? I don’t know I am just pulling at straws because something soes not seem right about this season. I believe if Porshe wins C.B.S B.B show should be investigated. This is not a reality show this is give a free ride all the way to the bank “Porshe show.” Look back at all of the episodes and you will see what I mean. They made it too easy for her. She should not win. Everytime she comes on I change the channel !!! If she does win, America should have them investigated for fraud! The only ones that have been playing that are left are Jordan and Rachel or the others that are gone such as Jeff and Danny. They are the ones that deserve to win not Porshe!!!!!!