Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother 2015  heads full speed ahead into another crazy week. Head of Household Vanessa Rousso aimed her eviction target at Austin Matelson. She questioned her former allies loyalty when he let a Big Brother 17 showmance cloud his judgment. Now Big Brother 2015 is about to experience another shift.

BB17: Jason Roy

After Clay Honeycutt won the Power of Veto, Vanessa began to second guess her decision. She told Austin about her plans to evict him. He then pleaded for his life. Shelli Poole and Liz Nolan also tried to save Austin to keep the numbers on their side.

This went on for about a day. By the end of the day, on Sunday night, Vanessa started to want to target Jason Roy. She tried to think of a valid excuse to nominate him over Austin. At one point, she wanted to use the Last Laugh twist as it.

Vanessa became convinced that Da’Vonne Rogers did not have the last laugh. She thought it was either Jason, Jeff Weldon, Jackie Ibarra, or Becky Burgess that had it. She wanted to trap one of them in a lie to prove it.

This plot did not seem to go far. Then earlier today, Vanessa heard a rumor that James Huling helped Liz with the Battle of the Block competition. She confronted him about it. He admitted he helped her a bit.

This was the ammo Vanessa needed to justify nominating Jason.

A little while ago, Clay used the Veto to save himself. Vanessa named Jason as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Becky or Jason will go home.

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