Live Feed Update: Huge Fight Erupts Between Jordan and Shelly

We predicted earlier that things were about to get crazy with the double eviction episode, but that turned out to be an understatement.  30 minutes before the show, we were getting word that all hell was already breaking loose in the house as Shelly had been outed for trying to go against Jeff and Jordan.  When the show went live, there was already tension in the air.

On the live show, first we saw Daniele evicted as Rachel decided not to flip her vote after all.  Things came back to bite the Jeff/Jordan/Rachel side of the house as Kalia won HOH, Porsche won POV, and Jeff was the second person evicted for the night.  Jordan was visibly shaken by all this, and her and Rachel were in tears as the feeds came on after the live show.

At this point, Shelly came in trying to tell Jordan they could talk when she calms down, and that she felt like $#%* for turning on them.  Jordan didn’t accept any of this, and went off on Shelly about giving her the phone call to her family, dropping numerous “F bombs” in the process.  Rachel had to physically drag Jordan away as things were getting out of control.  The tension is at a huge high right now between Jordan/Rachel and the rest of the house.

After seeing how wild things got between Shelly and Jordan, there is no telling if this situation will blow up again.  If you want to check out the full Shelly/Jordan fight, flashback to 8/25 at 7:06 p.m. on the BB13 feeds.