Big Brother 2015 Episode 15 Recap: Operation Jason Backfires on Austin

Last Thursday, Vanessa Rousso and Jackie Ibarra became Big Brother 2015 Heads of Household. Jackie needed a win to seek revenge for constantly being used as a pawn. Vanessa wanted it to stop anyone from making her a target on Big Brother 17. This resulted in another chaotic Big Brother week.


Prior to the Head of Household competition, Jason Roy disclosed some information to too many Big Brother players. This left Austin Matelson as the target. Vanessa and Austin have been aligned since very early in the game. However, Austin’s lies were too much for Vanessa to handle.

Operation Jason

Austin started to worry that he did not have any allies on the other side of the house. He decided to try to gain Jason’s loyalty. He tells Jason more about the Twin Twist, including Julia Nolan‘s name. He also says that he wants to take out Julia but protect Liz Nolan.

Jason then spreads this news throughout the house. He specifically tells Shelli Poole, Meg Maley and Vanessa. This makes Clay Honeycutt, Shelli, and Vanessa question Austin’s loyalty.


After Vanessa wins Head of Household, they start working on a plan to backdoor Austin. Vanessa tells Julia that Austin wants her out. They then get Becky Burgess to agree to go on the block alongside Clay. They then get James Huling to agree to go on the block alongside Liz.


Vanessa and Jackie stick to their predetermined nominees. They wanted Becky and Clay to win Battle of the Block. So James was supposed to throw it. This ensured that Vanessa kept the blood off her hands, and put some on Jackie when she targeted Austin.

They told Austin that Steve Moses was Jackie’s intended backdoor target.

Battle of the Block


Splashy Headlines: The Big Brother nominees: Clay, Becky, Liz, and James must compete heads to head in a paint throwing competition. The nominees must throw paint at everything in a white stage room. They need to throw paint to reveal letters.

They then must use those letters to spell out three names from Big Brother 16 players. The first team to solve the puzzle and press the button, wins.

James sticks to his agreement and tries to throw it. However, Liz is determined to win it. Becky and Clay work pretty fast but get caught up on a few houseguests names. Eventually, Liz wins it.


Clay and Becky remain on the block. Vanessa stays the Head of Household. Liz also notes that now that she won this, Julia officially enters the house Thursday as part of the Twin Twist.

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