Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: The Target Game

Vanessa Rousso plays the Big Brother 17 game very emotionally. If a player lies to Vanessa, they become her number one enemy. We witnessed this happen with Jeff Weldon and Audrey Middleton on Big Brother 2015.

BB17: Vanessa Rousso

However, Vanessa also uses her emotions as a manipulation tactic. Audrey told the truth about some of Vanessa’s secret alliances, but Vanessa shed some tears to manipulate the situation. With Jeff, she faked a fight to blame his eviction on him.

Vanessa agreed to target Austin Matelson this week because he lied to her face. Austin lied about telling Jason Roy about the twins. He then lied about not targeting Julia Nolan. Vanessa said this proved he was untrustworthy. Nevertheless, she started to realize cutting him this soon could hurt her game.

So she confronted Austin about his lies. Last night, he proceeded to beg for forgiveness and his Big Brother 2015 life. Vanessa offered him one last chance to save himself: he had to create a bigger target on Becky Burgess or someone else (Jason, Jackie Ibarra, or Meg Maley.

BB17: Becky Burgess and John McGuire

Austin really wanted to shift the focus to Steve Moses. However, Steve is Vanessa’s other close ally. Last night, Austin claims he heard a conversation where Becky, Jason, James, Jackie, and Meg admitted to an alliance.

Vanessa had already been trying to think of an excuse to get out Becky, Jason, or Jackie this week. She is heavily leaning towards getting Becky or Jason out this week instead of Austin. If Austin can confirm this claim, Vanessa might put up Jason, and then let the house decide between Becky and him.

However, do not count Austin out quite yet as a backdoor option. Vanessa still does not trust him. She also doesn’t want to risk more blood on her hands. So we need to wait until Monday to see how this all plays out on Big Brother 17.

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