BB13 Spoilers: The Post-Double Eviction HOH is…

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Last night’s double eviction really shook the game up, with 2 major players in Daniele and Jeff both leaving the house.  Being it was a double eviction night, Kalia’s HOH was short lived since an entire week was played which lead to Jeff’s eviction.  After the CBS show, another HOH game was played, and the HOH winner for this week was Porsche!

While Kalia’s win and eviction of Jeff was huge, there was a chance that Jordan or Rachel could have won HOH for this week and taken back some power. Ultimately the sudden domination of Porsche and Kalia continued, so we’re most likely going to see Jordan and Rachel on the block. After last night’s huge fight between Shelly and Jordan, being on the block will just add more fuel to this Big Brother fire.

  • danielle.royster

    I love this show and honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing Shelly go to the jury house. I was on her side for a long time and I understand that she needs to do what she has to do to get to the end, but she went about it the wrong way. I saw Porsche open Pandora’s Box and since I am Team Rachel and Jordan, I can’t wait to see what happens later on in this week. If anyone missed Sunday’s episode, you can watch it online at I actually have a DISH Network employee account and this show is available online and all I have to do is sign into my DISH Network online account and voila, I have everything I need right at my fingertips. There’s also a ton of other content available for non-DISH customers and anyone can check it out at for more information!