HOH Spoilers: The Winner of the Doughnut Competition is…..

**Warning, spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised**

It’s been a relatively slow week after the explosive situations last week that were topped off with the huge Jordan and Shelly fight.  Tonight we saw Shelly and Adam on the block, and Shelly was evicted from the house. Shelly will now head to jury and face Jeff, which will probably make for more exciting TV than what is being seen with the remaining houseguests.

After the eviction, we moved on to the HOH competition that involved the houseguests going through doughnut toppings to retrieve doughnuts and put them on a pole.  The houseguest that had the most at the end of 13 minutes would be crowned HOH, and after the show when off the air, Rachel won the competition and is the new HOH.

Of course now we have to withstand a week of Rachel gloating, and most likely she will be putting Kalia and Porsche on the block.  This week will still have some surprises as Pandora’s Box will return with some sort of celebrity twist, and next week will see 2 evictions which will solidify the final 3.  I don’t really know who has earned the right to win this year, but lord help us all of Rachel somehow wins this, we will NEVER hear the end of it.

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  • bncanida

    I watched BBAD and Rachael didn’t gloat. I was a Rachael hater too but she’s really impressed me the last couple of weeks. I do think she deserves to win. Who has won more competitions than she has? I love Jordan and I wouldn’t mind seeing her win again but the HGs are right, it’s like she’s spaced out and over the whole thing, like she’s not even trying. I for sure don’t want Kalia or Porshe to win. Adam hasn’t won anything but he’s played a good game in his own right. Being a floater is a strategy too you know.lol

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    adam suck

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