Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 5 Battle of the Block Results

Austin Matelson made a critical Big Brother 2015 game mistake: he trusted the wrong person. He also committed two more Big Brother sins: he was caught lying and started a showmance. After 15 years, you would expect a more game savvy Big Brother 17 cast. Guess not so much, at least in Austin’s case.

BB17-Vanessa Rousso

Heads of Household Jackie Ibarra and Vanessa Rousso decided to target Austin and Steve Moses. Ironically, Steve and Austin were once Vanessa’s biggest allies. Now it seems like Vanessa has picked her other allies Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole over them.

Steve’s erratic behavior makes many Big Brother 17 players question his entire game strategy. Despite his intelligence, Steve is not playing a flawless game. This makes it easy for other Big Brother superfans, like Jason Roy, to detect his plans and strategies. Fortunately for Steve, he is not the number one target this week. Austin is it.

Austin has proven to be an even shadier player than Steve. So the Heads of Household, along with almost the entire house, plan to backdoor him. In tonight’s Battle of the Block competition, Liz Nolan and James Huling faced off against Clay and Becky Burgess.

The plan was for James to throw the competition, which helps secure a Clay and Becky win. The next step in the plan is to have anyone but Liz, Julia Nolan, or Austin win the Power of Veto. After the veto is won, someone will use it to save James. Austin becomes the replacement nominee.


So in order for this plan to happen, the Battle of the Block winners needed to be Clay and Becky. Well after a couple hours of battling… they lost the Battle of the Block.

James and Liz won the Battle of the Block. Tomorrow Becky and Clay face off in the Veto competition tomorrow.

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