Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Another Week, Another Backdoor

In the late, late hours of the night, the Big Brother 17 houseguests set a mouse trap for one of their own. The alliance formerly known as the Sixth Sense, set a plan in motion to backdoor an alliance member. We are in for another Big Brother 2015 blindside.

Big Brother 2015:  Jason Roy, James Huling, Meg Maley, Vanessa Rousso, Jackie Ibarra

On Wednesday, Austin Matelson made a plan to protect his Big Brother 17 game. He knew that he was not close with the other side of the Big Brother 2015 house. He needed them on his side. He chose to try to align with Jason Roy.

Since Da’Vonne Roger‘s eviction, Jason has suspected that there were a pair of twins in the house. The other side of the house received confirmation on their existence. Jason and his allies (Meg Maley and James Huling) were left in the dark about the twins. Austin decided to use the twins twist as a way to build trust with Jason.

He told Jason that he knew about the twins, and that they confirmed their existence to him. He even told Jason Julia Nolan‘s name. Then Austin made the fatal flaw of telling Jason his plans. Austin revealed that he wanted to protect the twins until they entered the Big Brother house together.

Once the twins stop playing as one houseguest, he wanted to continue to protect Liz Nolan, but target Julia. Jason decided to take this information and leverage it. He quickly ran and told outgoing Head of Household Shelli Poole about Austin’s plans for Julia.

She pulled Vanessa Rousso in on the conversation as well. Last night Vanessa and Jackie Ibarra became Heads of Household. Jackie already wanted to target Austin. Vanessa just wanted to protect herself, and alliance members.

Vanessa gave Austin a chance to come clean about his plans. Austin lied and reversed the story. He told her that Jason wanted to target Julia, not him. Vanessa became furious and set a plan to backdoor Austin.

The current plan is for Vanessa to nominate Becky Burgess and Clay Honeycutt. Jackie will nominate James and Liz. Jackie wants James to throw the competition to keep her in power, and backdoor Austin.

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