BB16 Spoilers: The Winners of the Egg Competition and New HOHs are…

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
As tonight’s live eviction episode of Big Brother went off the air, we were left in suspense as the houseguests had been paired up in a competition that involved moving a dozen eggs through a course like we’ve seen single players do in previous seasons. 
With Devin being evicted earlier in the night, this competition would dictate where the power in the house would go next being such a huge threat was now gone.  As we  left the air it looked like the team of Amber and Zach were in the lead with the team of Cody and Frankie not far behind.  As it turns out Cody and Frankie ended up winning the competition and are the HOHs this week going into the next Battle of the Block competition.
It seems like Derrick is already pushing the two to nominate all girls, but of course as we learned America has voted that Team America should target a physical threat this week, so Caleb’s name may eventually get thrown into the mix.
Just a quick update for those of you wondering how tonight’s competition turned out, should be an interesting week as the house seems to be very upbeat now that Devin is GONE!