BB13 Spoilers: The Fortune Teller Comes to Life!

**Warning, spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised**

Things haven’t been as slow as you might think in the Big Brother house now that we are down to the final 5.  Things picked up when Tori Spelling and Mr. Pectacular entered the house, and now last night the houseguests were shocked to see the infamous fortune teller come to life.

As Porsche was in the parlor room, the fortune teller suddenly lit up and spoke to her.  The teller told her and Rachel to gather the other houseguests into the room, and after all of them were in there, the teller told them that she would be calling them in there throughout the night and giving them her “premonitions.”  She also let them know that if they didn’t come in and listen then they wouldn’t have a chance at being HOH.

So for the rest of the night the teller gave the houseguests her humorous premonitions about the future, such as saying that Kalia would land her dream job as a mattress and pillow tester, Brendon would find the cure for athletes foot, and Rachel would give birth to a baby boy and name him “Bookie Jr.”

Sounds like the houseguests memorizing the premonitions and being able to recall them will be what determines the next HOH.   Stay updated here at Big Brother Fans Blog as we will be covering this week’s first eviction as things really start to move fast this week!

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