Big Brother 2015 Episode 14 Recap: Slight Power Shift

This week in the Big Brother 2015 house, Head of Household Shelli Poole decided to cut ties with an ally. Shelli and Audrey Middleton have been close friends all Big Brother 17. However, after Audrey’s fight with Clay Honeycutt, and her constant game betrayals, Shelli made a difficult decision.

BB17: Audrey Middleton

Shelli made Audrey her target for this week. After the Power of Veto ceremony, Audrey’s fate seemed sealed. But did she pull a final trick out of her hat to stay in the Big Brother 2015 game? Read on to find out.

Audrey’s Goodbye

We flashed back to Audrey’s time in the Diary Room. The episode showed Audrey enter the DR and not return for five hours. The Big Brother houseguests started to speculate what this meant for the game. Everyone thought she might walk from it.

Audrey did not walk, instead she lounged around the house for the remainder of the week.



Host Julie Chen cued a segment with Audrey’s family. They talked about her being transgender and their acceptance of it. They also talked about Audrey’s intense game strategizing. Soon, the Big Brother speeches began.

Audrey told the houseguest how honored she was to play with them. Johnny Mac made jokes about the Whackstreet Boys. The band also had to perform live.

BB17: Whackstreet Boys

Everyone voted to evict Audrey, but Austin Matelson. He said that Judas cast the vote against John. The Big Brother 17 houseguests evicted Audrey by a 9 to 1 vote. She also received a penalty vote for showering and eating while a Have-Not.

Audrey left the house without hugging anyone, but Vanessa Rousso and Shelli. However, she kept things pleasant as she exited the Big Brother 2015 house.

In her exit interview, Audrey talked about how she did not expect the other houseguests to embrace her so openly. She also talked about the other houseguests wanting her out the game. Later, she watched her goodbye videos. Shelli gave a tearful video farewell.

Head of Household Competition:


Pop-Til-You-Drop: Houseguests listened to pop songs. They then identified if it talked about a Head of Household competition, a Battle of the Block one, or a Power of Veto one. Each round two houseguests competed head to head. The first one to buzz in got to advance to the next round, if they answered correctly. If not, they were eliminated. The winner from each round picks the next two houseguests to face-off.

Round #1: Steve Moses versus Jason Roy. Jason Wins.
Round #2: John versus Austin. Austin Wins.
Round #3: Jackie Ibarra versus Becky Burgess. Jackie Wins.
Round #4: Julia Nolan versus Vanessa. Vanessa Wins.
Round #5: Jackie versus Meg Maley. Jackie Wins.
Round #6: Austin versus James Huling. James Wins
Round #7: Vanessa versus Clay. Vanessa Wins.
Round #8: James versus Jackie. Jackie Wins
Round #9: Jason versus Vanessa. Vanessa Wins.

Jackie and Vanessa become the newest Heads of Household.

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