Big Brother 2015: MVP of Week 4: Queen Shelli?

This week, Shelli Poole became the Head of Household for a second time in Big Brother 17. In the last month, Shelli proved to be a social and mental threat in the Big Brother 2015 game. We are not Shelli’s biggest fans but we cannot deny that her game is one of the strongest ones this season.

Big Brother 17-Shelli Poole

Some of Shelli’s game weaknesses are being too emotional, worrying about her post-Big Brother image, and a belief that her actions are the right ones. Her showmance with Clay Honeycutt also represents one of her biggest game weaknesses.

Despite these flaws, Shelli manages to make big moves and stay under the radar. In week two, Shelli eliminated Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17. Da’Vonne was not really a threat at the moment, but down the line, she could have become a huge one for Shelli and Clay.

Most Big Brother 17 fans, and contestants, were ready to revolt when Shelli kept Audrey Middleton in the game, despite being proven untrustworthy. This week, Shelli finally accepted that Audrey was too damaging for her Big Brother game and cut her out of it.

Shelli Poole-2

It restored our confidence in Shelli’s game intelligence, a bit. She is definitely letting other players, like Clay and Vanessa Rousso, run her Big Brother 17 game. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It grows their target and lessens her target.

When the Big Brother 17 house eventually goes after Shelli’s alliance, she is likely to be the last one targeted. Shelli may even be able to use her social skills to secure safety until the finals.

Shelli does not have a huge Big Brother fan base but that is only a small factor in the game. The only time this might hurt her game is if America gets to nominate or vote. Otherwise, Shelli should remain safe for awhile.

Shelli continues to build strong alliances, take out strong players, and stay under the radar. She is playing a very solid Big Brother 17 game.

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