Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Austin’s Plan to Target Steve

In the Big Brother 2015 house, plans and schemes hatch constantly. This week is no different. Last week, Steve Moses cast a stray vote in favor of saving Jeff Weldon. The Big Brother 17 house agreed to evict Jeff over James Huling. So Steve’s vote created utter chaos.

Big Brother 17: Austin Matelson

John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Jackie Ibarra warned the Big Brother 17 house that they wanted to vote in favor of Jeff staying. They wanted to give him their loyalty until the very end. Liz Nolan decided to vote against James for a similar reason.

Steve’s stray vote no one quite understood. This week, Austin wants to create havoc again. He told Liz and Julia Nolan that he planned to cast a stray vote and blame it on Steve. For awhile, Big Brother 17 houseguests have suspected that Steve or Audrey Middleton might be America’s Players.

Of course, we know that neither of them have been granted that title. Nevertheless, they both create enough chaos for the rumors to seem viable. Technically, Austin and Steve are in the same alliance but they do not really play or work well together.

In fact, Austin has tried to make Steve the target quite a few times. If Austin successfully executes this plan, Steve could become enemy number one on Big Brother 2015.

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