BB13 Spoilers: The Winner of the First Round of HOH is….

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

As seen a couple of hours ago on CBS, Jordan was evicted from the house after Porsche won the POV, which left Porsche, Adam, and Rachel to battle it out in round 1 of the 3 round final HOH competition.  The competition had the three being spun around in a mixer and was an endurance competition.  The competition lasted about an hour, before Rachel (aka the queen of endurance competitions) won and advanced to the third round against the winner of Porsche vs. Adam in round 2. 

With Rachel looking strong, she has a good chance of winning this whole season especially if Adam is against her in final 2 since he’s done nothing this season.  Porsche winning would be interesting since she has won a few things and has also come close on numerous other competitions.  Here’s to hoping we get Porsche battling Rachel in the final 2 for Big Brother 13!

  • Anonymous

    yes Porcha has tried hard ,rock Rachel has done well but she was there before and its a little older and mentally ,more ripe lol.don’t understand why people dislike Porcha , cant they see that the girl they like Jordan is a phony ok shes cute but still puts on lots of make up pretty is Portia natural.