Big Brother 2015 Episode 13 Recap: The Downfall of Audrey-Power of Veto Ceremony

Big Brother 2015 experienced a whirlwind week. Another major Big Brother 17 houseguest became the main target. The Big Brother fans expected a week of crazy game strategizing. Surprisingly, we experienced something far more unexpected: defeat.

BB17: Audrey Middeton

Tonight’s Big Brother episode dealt with the fallout from the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. It led to a dramatic, intense hour. To keep things light, Big Brother paired it with the Whackstreet Boys performances.

Enemy #1

After Battle of the Block, Audrey Middleton complains to James Huling about Shelli Poole throwing her under the bus. She claimed that Shelli told Jason Roy about Audrey trying to get him out to hurt her.


Audrey then rants about how she protected Shelli and Clay Honeycutt throughout the game. James decides to take this information and give it to Shelli and Clay. Clay then tries to get some information out of Audrey.

Meanwhile, Shelli started discussing with Vanessa Rousso the possibility of eliminating Audrey this week.


After James, Vanessa, and Meg Maley get picked to play for the Veto, they walk up to the Head of Household room to discuss using the POV. They want to use it to save Jason and then replace him with Audrey. In the Diary Room, Shelli breaks down about possibly being the one to evict Audrey.

BB Side High


Saved by The Smell: The Big Brother houseguests are shown a sequence of color chemicals. Then they are asked to pour chemicals based on questions composed based on the sequences. If they pour incorrectly, they are eliminated from the competition.

Everyone takes a different strategy to remember the sequence. Vanessa strategy seems the best because she’s remembering letters over actual colors.

Round 1: Everyone stays
Round 2: James eliminated
Round 3: Shelli eliminated
Round 4: Meg eliminated
Round 5: Jason and John eliminated
Vanessa wins the Power of Veto.

One Final Nail


In the backyard, Audrey comes over to talk to Clay and Austin Matelson as they try to exercise. Clay becomes annoyed by her constant game discussions. He confronts her about it.

Clay runs up to the Head of Household room to complain about Audrey to Shelli. Audrey soon follows him up to the room. They have a discussion about Audrey being ungrateful for their help. It leads to a shouting match.
Audrey then throws Vanessa under the bus.

Audrey sits out of the Veto ceremony. Shelli still puts Audrey up as a replacement nominee.

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