BB13 Spoilers: Final HOH Round 2 Winner

**Warning, spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

With CBS not showing Big Brother tonight due to 9/11 memorial coverage, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s big finale to see how the final HOH plays out.  We reported last week that Rachel won round 1 of the HOH and advanced to the final round, and now we can report that Porsche won round 2 and will battle Rachel in round 3 for the final HOH of the season.  The winner of the final round will then choose who they will take with them to the final 2.  Whoever wins might be taking Adam simply because he hasn’t won much of anything this year, and has been a supreme floater. 

We are in the last few days of the season, so if you haven’t yet, get your free 3 day trial of live feeds and watch the last few days of activity in the BB13 house!

  • danielle.royster

    I didn’t like Rachel at the beginning of the season, but she has definitely grown on me and I’m rooting for her to win! I know it’s going to start getting good now and I can’t wait for it to start heating up now and I know some people haven’t watched Thursday’s episode and the good thing is that it’s available online for people’s viewing pleasure at I actually have a DISH Network employee account and all you have to watch the movie is sign into your DISH Network online account and voila, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. There’s also a ton of other content available for non-DISH customers and anyone can check it out at for more information!

  • Anonymous

    Go Rachel!