Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Preview of Episode 13

Tonight, Big Brother 17 airs the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Big Brother 2015 Live Feed watchers already know that this was a strange week in the house.

BB17: Shelli Poole and Vanessa Rousso-1

Audrey Middleton became Head of Household Shelli Poole‘s true target about mid-week in the Big Brother house. She then discussed, with several players, her proposed plan. This Big Brother 2015 plan was contingent on whether anyone besides Audrey won the veto.

Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 Power of Veto competition involved mixing beakers. If players failed to mix the right liquids, an explosion occurred. You can go ahead and read who won, or just wait to see it play out tonight.

More than other episodes of Big Brother, this one will be an important and dramatic one. Too many major events occurred from Friday (when Battle of the Block was played) until now, so CBS has to find a way to incorporate them. Audrey versus the house was the main source of conflict.

BB17: Shelli Poole and Vanessa Rousso-1

Audrey tried to appeal to Shelli and her former alliance members Vanessa Rousso and Clay Honeycutt. Things quickly escalated from there. This led to a complete breakdown from Audrey. She spent hours in the Diary Room talking to production.

Now, with only one day left before eviction, Audrey seems to have checked out emotionally from the Big Brother 17 game.

Make sure you watch tonight’s Big Brother episode on CBS 7:00 PM CST.

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