The Big Brother 13 Finale is Tonight!

**Warning, a few minor spoilers for tonight are within this post, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

It’s hard to believe but we are already here at the end of the season for Big Brother 13. It’s been an interesting ride to say the least.  From the get go, the dynamic duos twist seemed like it had potential to be interesting, and then things started sounding really good when we found out that dynamic duos from the past were coming back.

Then things took a bad turn when Evel Dick left the house after only a few days, and suddenly we were left with a cast that would have had great interaction with Evel Dick, but wasn’t so exciting on their own.  We saw the veterans vs. the newbies, but no real standout personalities that would cause any explosiveness.  We had that one big fight involving the whole house, and then of course the big Shelly vs. Jordan fight just a couple of weeks ago, but other than that there weren’t the usual mega fights we’re using to seeing.

Now here we are with a final 3 of Adam, Porsche, and Rachel.  As we reported last week, Porsche won round 2 of the final HOH competition, so tonight we will see Rachel square off with Porsche in round 3 of the competition to crown the final HOH of the season.  From there, the winner will pick who will sit next to them in the final 2 and face the jury to determine the winner.  Rachel and Porsche have told each other that they will take the other, so unless one of them swerves the other, it looks like Adam will be the last member of the jury.

Don’t forget tonight following the finale, there will be live backyard interviews with ALL the Big Brother 13 houseguests, including Evel Dick!  If you want to watch all the post show coverage, check them out on the live feeds where you can also flashback and watch the entire Big Brother 13 season all over!

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