Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Austin Becomes the Next Target

Big Brother 2015 had another unexpected day on the live feeds. Yesterday, Audrey Middleton completely broke down about her impending eviction. She spent nearly five hours in the Big Brother 17 Diary Room talking to a doctor and production. Audrey eventually emerged and the day continued with the Power of Veto ceremony.

BB17: Jason Roy, Jackie Ibarra, Becky Burgess

Besides Audrey’s nervous breakdown, the Big Brother 2015 house was a pretty solidified and happy place yesterday. The Big Brother houseguests played out their day, with the return of Liz and some Big Brother history discussions.

The day ended with Jason Roy, Jackie Ibarra, and Becky Burgess talking about game plans. Jackie and Jason both noted that Vanessa Rousso had a million and one deals with the houseguests They decided that she might need to become their target soon.

They also noted that Austin Matelson spent a lot more time with Liz Nolan than he did in the last few days. They figured out that Austin must be filling Liz in on the things that she missed when Julia Nolan took her place in the Big Brother 17 house.

Jackie and Jason vowed to make Austin their main target. If they could not get him out, Vanessa or Liz would become their main options.

Jason and Jackie’s plans to take out Austin is contingent on them actually becoming Heads of Household next week. If next week is an endurance competition, Jackie and Jason may have the odds in their favor.

The duo came in first and second place during the Head of Household competition played on night two of Big Brother 2015. So it is very likely that they can perform just as well in another endurance competition, especially one involving holding on to something.

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