Rachel Reilly is the Winner of Big Brother 13!

Well Big Brother 13 is in the books, and Rachel defeated Porsche to win the game.  In the final round of the HOH competition, Rachel defeated Porsche in a game of “Did the houseguest say A or B” game.  As it turned out, after much preaching about not voting for Rachel, Shelly was the deciding vote that gave Rachel the game.  Even Adam ended up voting for Porsche, so Rachel only won by 1 vote.

The “America’s Player” prize went to Jeff, which was somewhat of a surprise since he wasn’t the lovable “good guy” this year.  Rachel was far from every one’s favorite person, but in the end she played a decent game and had some luck such as the duos twist returning which really saved her.  Rachel repeated herself a million times on the finale, telling us over and over how she fights and blah blah blah. 

Overall, this wasn’t our favorite season, but it did give us an idea of what bringing former houseguests back would be like. I feel like Big Brother 14 should be a whole new cast, so we can get back to the old school craziness of 13-14 people in the house that are fresh and new to the game.  So congrats to Rachel for pulling it off, but we won’t call her the greatest Big Brother player ever like she is probably thinking she is.