Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Since Friday in the Big Brother 17 house, Audrey Middleton rubbed her alliance members Vanessa Rousso, Shelli Poole, and Clay Honeycutt the wrong way. She threw them under the bus to save herself, exposed their alliances, and twisted words. These actions are typical Big Brother 17 game moves.

Big Brother 17: Audrey Middleton

Audrey’s biggest game error was that she kept getting caught in her lies. She also underestimated the trust the other Big Brother 2015 players had with each other. Shelli and Clay have built bridges where Audrey has not built them. This made it easier for them to get the house on their side.

Yesterday afternoon, Audrey made one bad move too many. The Big Brother 17 house united ( once again) against her. They all wanted her out and willing to work together to do it. After a Big Brother house meeting, the plan became clear.

Vanessa would use the Power of Veto to take down Jason Roy. John ‘Johnny Mac’ McGuire would remain on the block. Meanwhile, Audrey would go up on it. She is the target for this week.

There was a long delay before the Power of Veto ceremony. Audrey went to the Diary Room and did not return for nearly five hours. She had a panic attack earlier today, and spent hours talking to production and possibly a doctor. About an hour ago, she emerged from it.

The feeds shut off. So we didn’t hear much of what happened, but Vanessa said they gave her some medicine to calm down.

Audrey did not attend the Power of Veto ceremony. However, Vanessa still used it to save Jason. Audrey was named as a replacement nominee.

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