Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: 12 Person Alliance Forms Against Audrey

Yesterday the Big Brother 2015 houseguests completely exposed Audrey Middleton‘s game. Early Sunday afternoon, Audrey became aware that a backdoor plan was being discussed by the Veto holder and Head of Household. She tried to save herself by talking things out with Shelli Poole, Vanessa Rousso, and Clay Honeycutt. It just made matters worse.

Big Brother 2015: Audrey Middleton and Shelli Poole

The meeting made Clay, Vanessa, and Shelli reach their breaking point with her. It drowned on for hours. At the end of it, it was pretty clear that Audrey was going on the block as the replacement nominee.

Audrey fake cried for a little while. Then she found James Huling and exposed the Sixth Sense alliance to him. He then told Becky Burgess. In a few hours, almost everyone heard of Audrey’s claim about the alliance.

Big Brother 17: Audrey Middleton

Around 8PM, Clay and Shelli started calling people to the Head of Household room. In the meeting, they discussed Audrey’s claims, and her general sneaky game strategizing. The Big Brother 2015 house agreed to unite this week to evict her.

Later today, the Power of Veto Ceremony takes place and Audrey should go up as a replacement nominee. The house vowed to not let Audrey talk game with them, but will she manage to squirm out of eviction, yet again?

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