Rachel and Brendon Getting Married This Weekend???

We are only a few days removed from the Big Brother 13 finale, and already we have post-season news to report.  In a story posted on TMZ, Rachel claimed that her and Brendon were getting married THIS weekend.  So much for the big wedding planning and all, Brendon must have seen that 500K and figured it was time to speed things up and lock it in.  This time Brendon better be extra careful before he gets involved in any more “weinergate scandals.”
Rachel was probably drunk in this video, but she claimed they are getting married twice (three times if you count the Big Brother wedding they already had,) one of which will be this weekend and then  getting married again on “real station”…..whatever that is.  Rachel’s volume is the video is horrible as ever, and the entire wedding will no doubt be a big show just like everything else that is “Brenchel.”  Check out the video of Rachel being annoying even OUTside the Big Brother house below:

Any takers on how long this will last?  Or are Rachel and Brendon the true long lasting showmance?

  • Anonymous

    I swear to God that there must be something wrong with Brendon, Rachel is so high maintenance and so into herself, that life with her must always be about Rachel…and it they get a spot on the new 14th season of Big Brother, I will not watch…It just isn’t fair that they get so many chances on these reality show to make money…Let the rest of us have a chance….We can be drama queens too for the publicity..anon