Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 Recap: Week 4 Noms and Battle of the Block

Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode starts where Thursday’s episode left off. Liz Nolan and Shelli Poole just became the newest Heads of Household. Four people voted against James Huling on Thursday’s Big Brother 17 Live Eviction; they were John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Jackie Ibarra, Steve Moses, and Liz. These votes set off a huge paranoia bomb in the Big Brother house.


Playing with the Heart

Prior to eviction night, Johnny and Jackie told the houseguests they wanted to vote in favor of Jeff Weldon staying in the house. Liz admits to the Diary Room that she voted against James because she has no connection with him. During the Big Brother twin switch, she tells Julia Nolan that she voted to save Jeff.

Julia accuses her of liking Jeff, because the move didn’t benefit them. They know they must keep the vote a secret. Julia and Liz also talk about how Austin Matelson has a crush on Liz but she doesn’t share those feelings. However, she knows that she needs him to go far in the game.



Audrey Middleton tells Shelli that she knows Jason Roy wants to target Clay Honeycutt and her. This gives Shelli the ammo she needs to put Jason on the block. Audrey admits in the DR that she made this up because Jason is an enemy to her game.

Shelli and her alliance (Austin, Vanessa Rousso, Clay, and Liz) discuss who to nominate this week. They talk about putting up Johnny Mac again. Shelli doesn’t want to put him up again and ask him to throw the Battle of the Block. She gets Clay to ask him instead.


Johnny Mac agrees to go up on the block, but he hasn’t decided whether to throw it or not.

During the nominations ceremony:

Liz nominates Jackie and James. She basically nominates Jackie because they have no connection. Shelli nominates Johnny Mac and Jason, to ensure Jason leaves.


Shelli mentions how someone told her that she was Jason’s target. Later, he asks her who told her this lie. She says Audrey. Meg Maley, James, and Jason are talking about being nominated, while Audrey listens.


Audrey feels that Jason is directing his anger at her, instead of Shelli. She then confronts Shelli about it, which annoys Shelli. Audrey tries to twist the conversation and make it seem like Audrey only claimed to hear about Jason targeting them from their group.

Meanwhile, Austin’s sketchy behavior makes Shelli questioning his loyalty to their alliance. Prior to nominations, he told Jackie about possibly becoming a nominee. Shelli felt this made it seem like he could not be trusted to keep information to himself.


Battle of the Block

Grunge Bob: Liz’s nominees and Shell’s nominees must go to four areas to collect keys. Each area contains some kind of thing to smash or dig through. Johnny Mac and Jason gain a huge lead by getting three out of the four keys before Jackie and James get their first one.

Jason and Johnny Mac get stuck at the final area, which involves smashing pumpkins. Soon Jackie and James catch up. Jackie and James get the final key first, but Johnny and Jason are close behind. It’s a battle to free their mannequin.
Jackie and James free her and carry her up a hill first. They win Battle of The Block.


Liz, Johnny and Jason’s punishment for losing is to become members of a boy band called Wackstreet Boys.

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