Brendon and Rachel to Team Up for The Amazing Race

For any of you Big Brother fans that cannot stand “Brenchel” aka Brendon and Rachel, we have bad news for you.  Yes, one of the most unpopular (or popular if you ask them) duos in Big Brother history will follow in the footsteps of Jeff and Jordan and will take part in season 20 of The Amazing Race.

The winner of Big Brother 13 and “her man” were spotted at LAX airport over the weekend as part of the group of Amazing Race contestants.  One can only imagine the amount of drama these 2 will bring to the show when they have to team up in multiple competitions and take the risk of NOT being number 1 every single time.  Between Big Brother 12, Big Brother 13, and now The Amazing Race, I think this might be all the Brendon and Rachel on TV that we can handle.  It should be interesting to see how they do outside of the Big Brother house in some pretty hardcore competitions, but lord help us all if they somehow won this too….we would never hear the end of it.

Will Big Brother fans cheer on Brendon and Rachel the same way they did Jeff and Jordan?  Only time will tell.  The Amazing Race 20 starring Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel will air in Spring 2012 on CBS.

  • John

    Love them or hate them, I think they make for interesting television.

  • luchiano43

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