Big Brother 2015: Live Feeds HighLights (7/18/15)

The Big Brother 2015 house had an eventful Saturday. The Big Brother 17 houseguests competed in the Power of Veto, a boy band formed, and a backdoor plan took form. It was one of the biggest days in Big Brother 17. Here are some of the highlights from the Big Brother Live Feeds from 7/18/15.

Wackstreet Boys

Wackstreet Boys

On Friday, Jackie Ibarra and James Huling faced off against John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Jason Roy in the Battle of the Block. Jackie and James were nominated by Liz Nolan. Johnny Mac and Jason were nominated by Shelli Poole.

Prior to the competition, Shelli asked Johnny Mac to throw the Battle of the Block. He claims he did throw it on Friday. The competition ended in a James and Jackie victory. As punishment for losing it, Liz, Johnny Mac, and Jason had to dress up as a boy band.

Every time they are instructed by Big Brother, they must perform a dance routine. They have to wear their boy band outfits for the entire week. Last night, on the Skydeck, flashback time (around) 9:00 PM, they danced on the feeds.

It was kind of a mess to watch, but an entertaining one.

Power of Veto

Jason Roy, Meg Maley, Johnny Mac

Vanessa Rousso won this week’s Power of Veto competition. Shelli and her constantly discussed backdooring Audrey Middleton this week. However, they wanted Jason or his friends Meg Maley and James to win it to save him. This saved the blood from their hands.

Unfortunately, during the Power of Veto, Jason and Johnny Mac were eliminated at the same time. This made Vanessa the winner. The competition was one of those paint explosion ones, similar to the one played on Big Brother 16.

You can see some of the fall-out from the Power of Veto at flashback time around (7:05 PM).

Have-Nots Chosen

Have-Not Food-grunge Cake-Wk 4

Around 8:45 PM Shelli chose the Have-Nots for this week. They are Johnny Mac, Jackie, Audrey, and Becky Burgess.

All week on the Big Brother 2015 live feeds you could vote for what you want to reward the Have-Nots with. The poll had a 90s theme, as part of this week’s theme. The choices were Y2Kale and Grunge Cakes.

Grunge Cakes won. Grunge Cakes are basically Angel food cake with gravy.

Backdoor Plan

Shelli Poole, Jason Roy, Clay honeycutt

Around midnight this morning, Jason finally got some alone time to speak to Clay Honeycutt and Shelli. The three of them mainly bonded but they also talked about Audrey’s game. Jason reassured them that if they backdoored Audrey this week, no one would be upset about it.

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