The Amazing Race 20 with Brendon and Rachel Premieres This Sunday!

Time has flown by since the finale of Big Brother 13 that saw Rachel win it all.  We had all the Brendon and Rachel we could handle on both Big Brother 12 and 13, and now their biggest challenge yet kicks off this Sunday in the form of The Amazing Race 20.

Brendon and Rachel are known as arguably Big Brother’s most competitive couple of all time, but the Amazing Race will be a challenge like no other for them.  Many of you may remember that Jeff and Jordan were on The Amazing Race, but didn’t fare too well.  We all know that Brendon and Rachel compete like their lives depend on it, and they have no problem stating that fact hundreds of time during any show they’re on.

There will be some explosive elements with these 2 on the show, since we all know all too well that Brendon and Rachel’s infamous drama from Big Brother will be amped up on a show that’s even more about hardcore competition.  Rounding out The Amazing Race cast will be everyone from married clowns and border patrol agents to female federal agents and “two guys from The Shore.”  It’s going to be an interesting cast without a doubt, and seeing Brendon and Rachel compete in a totally different atmosphere will be interesting as well.

Check out out The Amazing Race 20 cast in the video below, including Brendon and Rachel, bringing their Big Brother personalities we all know and lo……well we all know them.  Will you cheer on “Team Brenchel?” Or will you tune in to finally see their demise?  The Amazing Race 20 premieres this Sunday February 19 at 8 P.M. Eastern.