BB16 Live Feed Update: Frankie is Told About his Grandfather’s Death

As first reported by TMZ yesterday, Frankie’s grandfather passed away after battling cancer and the initial word was that one of his grandfather’s last requests was that Frankie not be told so that he could continue on in the Big Brother game.  We heard from MANY of you yesterday who felt like this was not right and Frankie deserved to be told.  As it turned out, producers made the call for Frankie to be told and allowed his family to write him a letter to break the news.

As feeds came back from being on fish, Frankie was surrounded by the other houseguests as he talked about the loss of his grandfather.  He let them know his family wrote that they wanted him to stay in the house, and that his grandfather had been watching him all this time including on live feeds.

Before long Frankie’s spirits were back up as he was laughingly telling stories about his grandfather and the many memories he has.  Many of the houseguests had a hard time keeping it together as they were undoubtedly thinking of their own families during this tough time for Frankie. The entire house (minus Caleb who was sleeping for some reason) came together and had a group hug to make Frankie feel better, it was a nice moment to see in the house.

Through all this, it seems that none of the houseguest have put together the “Ari” and “Grande” name when Frankie talks about his sister, which of course is reference to his famous sister Ariana Grande.  We figured he might let them in on this fact during this emotional time, but he really has kept it together.  Last night on After Dark and on live feeds, Frankie was allowed to do a eulogy for his grandfather where he emotionally talked about his life and his many memories – classy move by Big Brother by allowing him to do that.

Frankie is really showing his fighting spirit by staying in the house, as we’ve seen houseguests in the past leave for less serious reasons.  He is now extra motivated to win the game, and has been told production will give him a picture of his grandfather if he wins HOH again.  Our thoughts are with Frankie and his family at this rough time.