Big Brother 2015: Will Shelli Backdoor Audrey? (POLLS)

Since becoming Head of Household for a second time on Big Brother 2015, Shelli Poole started to question her alliance with Audrey Middleton.

In week 2, Shelli went against the Big Brother 17 house’s wishes and saved Audrey. Last week, Vanessa Rousso did the same. Now it is a very different week in the Big Brother 2015 house.

Big Brother 17: Audrey

Shelli and her alliance members, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Clay Honeycutt, Austin Matelson, and Vanessa, started the week with a plan to evict Jason Roy. Audrey wasn’t even on their Big Brother radar. Per usual, Audrey let paranoid thoughts control her head.

She worked to do damage control with Jason. Shelli made the mistake of telling Jason that Audrey was the reason he was up for eviction. Shelli claimed that Audrey said he was trying to evict her and Clay.

Audrey immediately denied this claim. She even tried to convince Shelli that she never said this about Jason. This infuriated Shelli. Audrey continued to talk and throw her alliance under the bus. Shelli and Vanessa had enough. They decided to backdoor her this week.

Vanessa won the Power of Veto this week. This gives their alliance the perfect chance to eliminate Audrey and save Jason. Currently, Shelli and her alliance plan to make a deal with Jason and backdoor Audrey.

However, every week, Audrey manages to escape the block and eviction. Vanessa is ready to evict Audrey, but Shelli still seems shaky on the idea. Clay keeps persisting that now is the right time to evict Audrey.

But will it actually happen? The Power of Veto ceremony does not take place until tomorrow afternoon. This gives Audrey plenty of chances to escape being a replacement nominee. Additionally, Big Brother 17 did not announce this week’s takeover twists.

Big Brother 2015: Vanessa Rousso and Audrey Middletton

Therefore, this gives production the prime opportunity to suddenly add a twist to save Audrey and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire.

Audrey has a dedicated following. However, based on popularity polls, she’s only about a middle ground popular player. CBS, however, most likely wants to keep Audrey around, at least until jury, because of the potential entertainment value of such an unpredictable player. Also, due to Caitlyn Jenner, being transgender has become a pop culture hot topic.

Johnny Mac has become a very popular player, among live feed watchers and the general viewers. So CBS probably does not want to lose him this early in the game.

On the other hand, Da’Vonne Rogers was a very popular Big Brother 17 houseguests, and CBS had an invested interest in Jeff Weldon due to The Amazing Race. Both of those players were easily eliminated.

So for all the people who think that production interferes to save their favorites or fan favorites, those two eliminations kind of discredited this theory. Audrey or Johnny Mac probably won’t get a special lifesaver this week. However, expect the unexpected.

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