Brendon and Rachel Come in Second on Week 1 of The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race 20 is officially underway, and the “Big Brother Team” of Brendon and Rachel jumped right in and showed why they claim to be fierce competitors as they came in second place for week 1.  They were battling for the top spot throughout the challenge, and narrowly missed coming in first.

As far as entertainment goes, if you’ve ever want to see Rachel thrown out of a plane, you got your wish tonight as Rachel went skydiving as part of the challenge.  Team Brenchel made it through most of these first few challenges with ease, but in the previews for the entire season, it looks like we will get some traditional Rachel fighting with other competitors, and Rachel crying about The Amazing Race not being fun or good like it’s supposed to be. 

If Brendon and Rachel can avoid any breakdowns over not being the best every time, they have a good shot of making it all the way.  And you better believe they will be quick to label themselves the best reality game show players EVER if they do indeed win The Amazing Race.  Tune in to week 2 of The Amazing Race 20 next Sunday on CBS.