Rachel and Brendon Survive Week 2 of The Amazing Race

This week was a bit more of a struggle, but the Big Brother team of Brendon and Rachel are still in The Amazing Race as they finished in a still strong 4th place.  Last week Brendon and Rachel came in 2nd and sailed through a bit easier, but this week the duo encountered challenges that involved Rachel counting cows and doing some sort of mathematical equation, and then both of them having to get a teapot to boil using solar energy.

Of course it only took 2 weeks for Rachel to have one of her trademark crying breakdowns.  After falling behind a bit due to Rachel taking quite a while to complete the cow challenge, Brendon was getting in his usual super competitive mode and mentioned how long Rachel took, which brought on the water works.  But despite falling back a couple of places, Brendon and Rachel still came in 4th place and remain one of the stronger teams in the game.

Next week it looks like Rachel will start some trash talking with one of the girls on another team (surprise surprise) so should be interesting when THAT element of Rachel starts to come out in the race.  Tune in to CBS this Sunday for week 3 of The Amazing Race.