Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 4 Battle of the Block Results

In the Big Brother 2015 house, Jason Roy became the main target for the week. Heads of Household Shelli Poole and Liz Nolan discussed a bunch of different target scenarios. Jason seemed like the best option on Big Brother 17.


Per Shelli’s usual routine, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire‘s name was mentioned. They wanted him to throw the Battle of the Block. Johnny Mac agreed to do it, yet again. Jackie Ibarra and James Huling were also nominated.

Jason, James, and Jackie are not part of Shelli and Clay Honeycutt‘s million and one alliances. Therefore, this made them good options this week. Also by nominating all three of them, they ensured that someone not in their alliance was evicted on Big Brother 2015.

Early this evening, Jason, Johnny Mac, James and Jackie faced off in the Battle of the Block competition. Jackie and James won it. Johnny Mac admitted to throwing it again.

Now Johnny Mac and Jason go head to head tomorrow for the Power of Veto. Even if neither of them win it, their fates might not be sealed. Shelli got very upset by Audrey Middleton‘s paranoia and actions.

Shelli then consulted her close ally Vanessa Rousso on what to do about the Audrey situation. After Clay relayed information from a recent conversation with Audrey, the alliance became even more angry at Audrey.

Shellli even discussed backdooring her close friend this week on Big Brother 2015. However, Shelli’s trust in Audrey seems to go beyond game reason. We will have to wait until after the Veto competition to see if Shelli stays true to her threat.

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