Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations-Brought to You by the Letter J

On Thursday, Shelli Poole and Liz Nolan became the newest Big Brother 2015 Heads of Household. Last night, they spent a considerable amount of time talking to players. Shelli and Liz seemed uncertain about who to target. In the end, they settled on eliminating Jason Roy on Big Brother 17.


Jason and Da’Vonne Rogers were a duo in Big Brother 17. Last time Shelli became Head of Household, she took out Da’Vonne. So in many ways, it makes sense for Shelli and her alliance to target Jason.

Because Jason is already her enemy, she saves herself from getting more blood on her hands. It also allows Shelli to get out another member of the other side. She then went to her standard route of asking John “Johnny Mac” McGuire to become a pawn. He agreed to do it, again.

Liz decided to target Jackie Ibarra and James Huling. Jackie and James were very close with Jeff Weldon. Another case of already enemies so targeting them gets less blood on your hands.

Today, Shelli nominated Johnny and Jason, and Liz nominated Jackie and James. They nominated one pawn and three members of the other side on Big Brother 2015.

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