Brendon and Rachel Once Again Come in Second in The Amazing Race

Team Brenchel continued their success in The Amazing Race in week 3, as they came in second place just like they did in week 1.  The duo made a smart move this week as they saw that a watermelon challenge looked like too time consuming and instead opted for an alternate challenge that involved stringing a violin.

In actuality Brendon and Rachel came in third place, but due to another team having to sit out a 2 hour penalty from not finishing their task, the Big Brother team was able to get by them and take the second place spot.  So far their performance has been great, but any given week can creep up on any team and they can be eliminated.  Jeff and Jordan had a rockier road in their Amazing Race season, but Brendon and Rachel have a real shot if they keep up these kind of performances. 

Toward the end Brendon and Rachel were rushing so fast to the finish line that Rachel nearly had to puke by the time they got there, which was done in typical Rachel dramatic fashion.  Next week, some tension is seen as Rachel is pissed off at Brendon and it looks like we’ll get to see their first big fight which we all knew was coming. 

The Big Brother Fans have been pretty quiet about Brendon and Rachel’s attempt to win The Amazing Race, maybe many of you are just sick of seeing them.  If they do win it will only bring more attention to the Big Brother brand which can only mean good things for the future.  Brendon and Rachel continue their attempt to win The Amazing Race every Sunday night on CBS.