Brendon and Rachel Struggle in Italy, but Survive Another Round of The Amazing Race

Brendon and Rachel ran into some big bumps in the road this week in The Amazing Race, including one of their trademark fights that had Rachel making her ugly crying faces and Brendon questioning if they were just going to quit the Race and maybe not get married over it (yes, the usual over the top dramatics that they were known for on a daily basis in the Big Brother house.)

The problem came from Team Big Brother being confused on where to go next in the Race and falling behind, but finally they found their way to a sausage tasting (insert jokes here) where they argued more, but finally got through it and settled in 6th place, their worst performance in the race yet. 

As it turns out, this week turned out to not be an elimination week so no teams were eliminated anyway.  Regardless, Brendon and Rachel will have to turn up their game because it was around this point that Jeff and Jordan were eliminated from the Race a couple of years ago.  The race continues on this Sunday on CBS.