Big Brother 2015 Episode 9 Recap: Twinsies

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2015 dealt with a lot of scrambling around. Last week, Austin Matelson and Vanessa Rousso became the newest Big Brother 17 Heads of Household. Robert Gronkowski took over as the host for one of the season’s latest takeover twists.


Prior to the Thursday Big Brother 2015 eviction, Da’Vonne Rogers told Jason Roy that she suspected Liz Nolan was a twin. Jason then spread the rumor throughout the Big Brother 17 house. By the end of the week, nearly everyone believed in the twin twist.

Twin Gate

Tonight’s Big Brother episode started with Vanessa flat out asking Julia Nolan about her suspicion. Julia decided just to admit it. Vanessa then told Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole, who were both ecstatic about it. They all wanted to use the twins as a vote for their side.

Eventually, Vanessa told Austin. He had no clue that they were two separate players. The four players agreed to keep Liz and Julia’s secret. They also wanted to try to convince the other Big Brother houseguests that it was a false rumor.


When Liz reentered into the Big Brother 17 house, Vanessa began giving her advice on how to trick the other houseguests. She told her to avoid suspicious players like Jason, James Huling, and Jeff Weldon.

Vanessa and Austin also began discussing whom to target this week. They both decided to go against the house and not target Audrey Middleton. Vanessa talked about the threat that is Jeff.

She also mentioned how much she did not like James on a personal level. Austin and Vanessa agreed that James, Jeff, or Jason needed to get evicted this week. They then decided to nominate two strong pawns, who could win competitions.


Austin and Vanessa also decide to not backdoor James, but to nominate him before Battle of the Block. They then offered John “Johnny Mac” McGuire a deal.  They keep him safe, until top ten, if he throws this week’s Battle of the Block.

Johnny Mac agrees to it. In the Diary Room, he admits he really does not have a choice.

Nominations and Battle of the Block.

Vanessa nominates Johnny Mac and James. Austin nominates Meg and Jason. Jason and Meg become livid about being used as pawns. Austin tries to calm them down but they ignore his excuses and promises.

Foam Party: The houseguests must dig  for patterned lost and found clothing items. Next, they must go through a foam maze with partiers. They must match the patterns on the table items with the patterns on the partiers.  Finally, they need to navigate their partiers to the VIP section.


The first team to navigate all their partiers to the VIP sections, wins safety for the week.

At first Johnny Mac and James get a small lead. However, James gets stuck on finding the right patterns. Meg and Jason quickly zoom ahead.

Johnny Mac talks about how he threw another competition without actually having to work to throw it. Meg and Jason win safety. They dethrone Austin, and Vanessa remains Head of Household.

Wednesday, Johnny and James face off to win the Power of Veto.

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