Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Gronk Party Twist

Robert Gronkowski acts as this week’s Big Brother 2015 takeover host. On Thursday, Gronk announced that this week would involve party takeover tasks. Big Brother 17 fans already got a glimpse of these after the Battle of the Block competition and Power of Veto one. None of these parties added Big Brother 2015 takeover twists.


Gronk mentioned on his takeover video that no one would be a Have-Not this week. Yesterday night, Head of Household Vanessa Rousso gathered the Big Brother 17 houseguests to reveal the latest twist. Get ready readers, this is a big game-changing Big Brother twist. Note our sarcasm.

When Gronk calls for them, the houseguests must gravitate to a room and perform a certain party. So far, the Big Brother 2015 houseguests have done a toga party, shower party, and conga line party. If a houseguest fails to follow the party rules, they get a party foul and become a Have-Not for the week.


We are not sure if Big Brother plans to do more with this twist, but right now, it just seems like something quote on quote fun for CBS to edit into the show. We hope at least one person does a party foul so we can see what these punishments entail. Most likely, they involve unitards of some sort on Big Brother 17.

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