Team Big Brother Hangs on in 5th Place on The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is getting into deep competition with now only 7 teams remaining, and the Big Brother team of Brendon and Rachel are hanging on even though they have had some roadblocks recently. 
Last week they struggled in Italy, and this week they were even in last place briefly in Germany.  If not for the other teams mistakenly going to the wrong location, Brenchel may have been the eliminated team.

This week’s challenges had the teams choosing between styling beards and building the roof of a gingerbread house.  Brendon and Rachel went with the Gingerbread house, and then moved on to finding a castle based on Sleeping Beauty.  This is where Brenchel got lucky as there were a few castles in the area and a couple of the other teams went to the wrong one.  The Big Brother team went to the right castle and were able to move out of last place, moving on to a challenge that had Brendon sliding a Travelocity Gnome across ice and having it stop at a certain point.  The highlight this week definitely had to be as Rachel and Brendon came to the end of the leg of the race, and as Brendon planted his feet in front of host Phil Keoghan…….he slipped right on his ass.  A hilarious moment as Brendon happily planted his feet as he knew they weren’t last, but ended up on the ground. 

Brendon and Rachel were able to finish in 5th place, and solidified their spot in the final 7 teams.  While they have definitely had some ups and downs, Brendon and Rachel have avoided coming in last and  look like they will be viable contenders as the final teams battle it out for the million dollar prize.

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    That NBC show Glass House is a total rip off of BB